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Where will you spend the next four years of your life? Don’t base that decision on flat pre-recorded virtual tours or carefully crafted marketing pitches. LiveCampusTours by Nylie is not affiliated with any college, so our guides can offer their unfiltered, unrehearsed perspective on campus life. Your live, one-on-one video tour is half walk around campus, half heart-to-heart talk, 100% authentic, and totally fun. Tours cost just $39 (discounts are available for low-income students).

Get an Insider's Look at Campus

The Washington Post Calls Our Live-Via-Zoom Format "Too Much Fun"
and says it “freaks out university lawyers”

To tour without leaving my house was a great way to see colleges while still being able to complete my other obligations.

Marcus P.
Marcus P.
High School Junior

Eliza's 50-Minute Tour Condensed to 4 Minutes
ride along at Wesleyan University!

Great way to customize your virtual college tour experience. Perfect for international students or those who just don't have the resources to visit every campus on their list.

Nancy E.
Nancy E.
Managing Director,

Our Live-via-Zoom Tours are Fifty Minutes Long, and Cost Just $39 Each
(free and discount tours available for lower-income families)

It was GREAT. Literally the next-best-thing to being actually on the campus. Saved us the nearly 5 hour drive each way. [Our guide Sophia] was enthusiastic, engaging and knowledgeable.

Sue M.
Sue M.
Parent of HS Junior

LiveCampusTours is Totally Independent
and unaffiliated with schools so our guides can share their genuine, unfiltered perspectives.

Being a tour guide has been such a fulfilling part of my college experience, and LiveCampusTours gives me the opportunity to make connections one-on-one. The best tours are totally personalized, and now there is a new way to get them!

Emily E.
Emily E.
Nylie Guide, University of Pittsburgh

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Get a live, personalized tour with no hotel or travel costs. #EasyWithNylie


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Nylie tours are custom-designed and can even evolve on the go. #ChooseYourAdventure

COVID-19 Update

Since our virtual tours are live and on location, prospective guides need to be living on or near campus to begin working. If you are not returning to school this fall, you are still welcome to sign up now and activate your schedule when you return - and we hope that's soon! We urge all guides to follow all local guidance to prevent the spread of the virus.

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