By Jeremy K. on January 14th, 2021

Nylie Offers a Totally Different Kind of Tour Experience

Nylie Offers a Totally Different Kind of Tour Experience

The Washington Post lauds our "free-speaking and fun-loving undergraduates," dedicated to helping prospective students get the real-deal information they need. LiveCampusTours by Nylie are totally different from the "free" tours colleges offer -- let us count the ways.

First, we're independent. If you've been on a campus tour, you know the drill. The guide takes you on a walk past all of the prettiest buildings, but not the 1960s holdovers. They'll tell you about the wonderful alums, the state-of-the-art facilities, just not the mediocre dining hall food. Sure, Nylie's guides take the position because they love their school, but they are beholden to no one except you. They'll provide honest, unscripted dialogue in an effort to help you find the best college fit. That's what tours are supposed to do, and ours really deliver.

Second, we're interesting. Have you sat through one of these canned online tours? It's tough to get through the carefully scripted intro before you find yourself surfing Instagram on a second screen. Are you really supposed to make a college decision like this? Our tours are led by carefully selected guides who use their energy and experience to share the inside scoop on their campus. Check out Eliza and Elizabeth's tour. Despite being strangers, it's clear from the start that they are having a great time (and that's not even including the parts we had to edit out!).

Third, we're personalized. You saw Elizabeth customizing her tour based on Eliza's interests. If you're an art history major who never got into sports, why are you wasting your time touring the weight room? Are you more interested in the historic chapel on campus, or the dining options at the all-night grill? Just let our guides know your interests pre-tour via the messaging function, and they'll totally customize your experience.

Try doing any of that on a traditional tour.

Oh, and our tours are way cheaper than an on-campus visit. Learn more here.

COVID-19 Update

Since our virtual tours are live and on location, prospective guides need to be living on or near campus to begin working. If you are not returning to school this fall, you are still welcome to sign up now and activate your schedule when you return - and we hope that's soon! We urge all guides to follow all local guidance to prevent the spread of the virus.

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