By Faith Evans on September 2nd, 2020

Top 10 Dorm Room Must-Haves You’ll Forget to Pack

Top 10 Dorm Room Must-Haves You’ll Forget to Pack

If you’re moving away from home for the first time this fall, then welcome to the hustle of shoving your whole life into a few precious cardboard boxes. While you're bound to forget a few things, here are the critical items that you’re going to regret leaving home.

1. Shower Flip-Flops

Trust me, we all wish that foot fungus was a myth. Sadly, it is not, and this fall it’s coming to a shared shower near you! A cheap pair of plastic flip-flops will rescue you from immeasurable disgust and discomfort.

2. A Stapler

You won’t realize that you’re missing a stapler immediately. It’s one of those things that comes back to haunt you mid-semester, when you’re turning in your first research papers. Keep one in your bag to save yourself from a frantic campus dash, asking front desk personnel for loose paper clips. You can also make bank by offering classmates a quick staple in exchange for a piece of gum or a spare number 2 pencil.

3. Charging Cords

You’ll be halfway across the state before you realize you left your laptop charger plugged into your bedroom wall, and watching your battery creep to a single-digit number will be agonizing. Triple check that you’ve packed those expensive or hard-to-replace charging ports and cords.

4. Noise-cancelling headphones

Well, ideally noise-cancelling, but any headphones will do. Crowded residence halls can get loud, and the walls are always a bit too thin for comfort. On top of that, unless you have the chillest roommate of all time, blasting your music and Netflix binge sessions is a no-go. In fact, it’s one way to put yourself on the fast-track to a “Most Annoying Roommate of the Year” medal.

5. Scissors

Make sure to pack a pair of scissors in an easy-to-reach place. Not only will you want them around the dorm, but you’ll also need them the second you start unboxing and unpackaging. It might be smart to keep them in your purse or overnight bag for quick access.

6. A Lamp

Like headphones, bringing a lamp is one of those roommate-courtesy things. Your schedules won’t always align, so you might need to work during their sleeping hours (and vice versa). If you can find one with soft light, you’ll save yourself from a headache, and your roommate from sleep deprivation.

7. A Washcloth

Or two. Or eight. Until you find yourself mopping water off the bathroom counter on a daily basis, you won’t realize just how quickly you use up your washcloth stash. They’re also useful in unexpected ways. Whether you need an impromptu door jamb, oven mitt, or temporary face mask, a trusty washcloth will always have your back (or hands or nose and mouth).

8. A Water Bottle

A water bottle is not just a dorm necessity; it’s a general campus necessity. Especially with schools adjusting to the pandemic, you might find many of the drinking fountains around campus wrapped in caution tape.

9. Multiple Blankets

For all you minimalists out there, this is your official warning: one comforter is not enough. At a bare minimum, you need one blanket for your bed, and a second to wrap around your shoulders for spontaneous (and freezing cold) midnight outings. Also, strictly hypothetically speaking, you might get into your room and realize that your lovely, hand-sewn yellow and purple blanket looks hideous against the white and orange walls. You’re going to want a second option.

10. Laundry Detergent

What do you call someone who forgets to buy laundry supplies? Detergn’t. Make sure to pack laundry solution and dryer sheets, or buy them after you’ve moved in. It’ll be a royal pain if you run out of clean clothes and realize you need to make a trip to the store on laundry day.

Bonus: A Deck of Cards They’re compact, easy to travel with, and great for making friends. Plus, if you’re trying to burn time on the weekends (or your dorm is particularly anti-social!), you can always play a solo card game like solitaire.

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