Tuskegee University

Tuskegee, Alabama

Welcome to LiveCampusTours @Tuskegee. Designated as a National Historic Site, discover the historic and beautiful Tuskegee campus and see how you would fit in here. You could start your tour at the George Washington Carver museum, with exhibits focused on Dr. Carver’s work and the Tuskegee Institute. From there, visit Tompkins Hall, which was built in 1910 and houses the student union as well as a ballroom, game room and a restaurant. Your guide can fill you in about all of the student organizations, events, performances and athletic options including the NCAA Division II Golden Tigers—all on campus. Book your tour now and find your place at Tuskegee. Please note that LiveCampusTours - at Tuskegee and elsewhere - are not affiliated with or endorsed by the university.

Tuskegee University campus

We don't have tours immediately available at Tuskegee UniversityBut if you sign up to be notified, we'll let you know within 2 business days when we expect to have one.

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COVID-19 Update

Since our virtual tours are live and on location, prospective guides need to be living on or near campus to begin working. If you are not returning to school this fall, you are still welcome to sign up now and activate your schedule when you return - and we hope that's soon! We urge all guides to follow all local guidance to prevent the spread of the virus.

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