Frequently Asked Questions

How does a live campus tour work?

A live campus tour is a one-on-one personalized tour between a current college undergraduate and a prospective student. The prospective student will select the university and a guide of their choice based on similar interests or major, common backgrounds, and availability, all of which are provided by guides on their profiles. Prior to the tour, a video link will be provided so the college student and the prospective student can connect. During the live campus tour, the guide will show the prospective student parts of their campus that they think the student will find the most interesting. The prospective student will have the opportunity to ask personalized questions, request that the guide show certain features of the campus, and gain a better understanding of how they would fit in on that college campus. As the tour concludes, the prospective student will be able to request contact information from the guide so that they might connect when they eventually visit the school in person!

How do I become a guide?

We’re glad you asked. Navigate to your college ("find colleges" button) your college, and scroll down to Become A Guide. Then follow the simple directions to share your interest and apply.

How do I sign up for a tour?

Select your school(s) from over 1500 participating locations. Find a list of available guides, choose a convenient time from their posted schedules, and follow the prompts from there. Browse the guide profiles to find the best match, or just leave it to chance - all our guides are knowledgeable, friendly, and specially trained to provide an informative and enjoyable live experience.

How is this different from an in-person tour?

Though in-person tours offer prospective students the unique opportunity to see college campuses, they can often be crowded, difficult to hear the guide, and not personalized. LiveCampusTours by Nylie allows students to choose their guide and the experience is always one-on-one. These tours are not meant to be a replacement for an in-person tour, but rather a motivating factor for students and their families to commit their time and money to visit the school in person.

Is this a replacement for an in-person campus tour?

The short answer is no! We hope that by taking a live campus tour, this will help applicants narrow their list so that they have a better idea of whether making the trip to visit in person is worth the investment. Committing to an in person is expensive, time-consuming, and in today’s uncertain times, not necessarily realistic. We hope that Live Campus Tours give prospective students and their parents a better understanding of how they will fit in on campus so that they DO choose to visit in person!

How should I go about choosing my guide?

The idea of Live Campus Tours is that the prospective student can choose a guide with similar interests, backgrounds, or experiences. All guides will provide a bio with information about their background and life on campus. The prospective student will then have the chance to peruse these bios and select the guide that they think will help them best envision life on campus. Prospective students might want to consider guides who have a similar major, extracurricular activity, or hometown. But of course, the choice is completely up to the prospective student!

COVID-19 Update

Since our virtual tours are live and on location, prospective guides need to be living on or near campus to begin working. If you are not returning to school this fall, you are still welcome to sign up now and activate your schedule when you return - and we hope that's soon! We urge all guides to follow all local guidance to prevent the spread of the virus.

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